Well it’s been 30 years since we started NZ’s largest dip stripper here at Kiwi Metal Polishers in Rotorua. The process is a six dip to clean back to fresh clean steel ready to panel and paint. We have one hot tank to remove paint, underseal and bog, one cold tank to remove the rust and a Neutralizing tank which holds the steel for up to five weeks if kept dry until primed. We can even bring burnt cars and panels back to original but takes a bit longer to get the salts from the panels caused by the fire but it’s not a problem at all. We have the best process of cleaning all panels etc without leaching or bleeding when finished, you just need to de wax and grease clean before putting on your undercoat, whatever product you use.

Our baths can dip anything from a Cadillac to a paper clip any metal shape and with great results, the neutralizer protects the steel until it goes into be pickled and washed leaving a fine coat of zinc on the surface of the steel ready to undercoat.
We are the only process for whole cars in the country that gets it so clean you could eat off it you wish.

If you find a process that cleans inside and out of car bodies and panel

Cleaner than ours let me see it as there are imitation out there so be care full, your project is your pride and joy, first cost is last cost.

If you are ever in Rotorua and would like to have a look around you are more than welcome to see what goes on at NEW ZEALANDS DIP STRIPPER because we do the job you hate doing.

From the team: Doug and Doreen
Robin, Guy and Steve